Delaney Design and Imaging is owned and operated by Pam Sargant, a graphic artist with extensive years of experience in the field. She specializes in the production of custom images and graphic templates.

All of Pam's artwork is completely original, and her custom work comes with full copyright, to ensure that your new artwork remains exclusively yours. Pam works hard to ensure that you get the best possible quality for the right price.

At Delaney Design and Imaging the focus is on Quality

You receive completely original images to use freely on your Web sites, blogs, marketing materials and even podcasts, royalty free. A wide variety of print and web graphics are available including, headers, banners, buttons, backgrounds (even Social Networks), as well as original images for blogs and ezines. If you're an author or publisher, original illustrations and book covers to your specifications including unique digital paintings are also available.
"I like to go that extra little bit to complete the overall look. I offer favicons, photo optimization, podcast inline audio wrappers, and branded title screens for audio and video clients as added value products on top of my regular services.I'm constantly updating myself, learning newer and better methods to translate the client's vision to visual media."

My Clients Receive:

Long Term Client Care -- If for some reason the theme or template breaks and the images don't display properly anymore I will come and fix them for nothing if it's a small problem or for a small fee if it's a larger problem. The Original Design Files -- in pdf, psd and eps formats. The Gift of Time -- Time to work on other areas of your project. I take the images from the initial design ideas to proper placement on the site through html, css, and php if necessary.